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An estimated 13,000 migrants bused north from border towns in Texas and Arizona to New York are finding housing.

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"This is not an everyday homelessness crisis," New York Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement Thursday

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A humanitarian crisis that requires a different approach.” And governments need to take note of that and think about what can be done

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New York's massive system of homeless shelters is straining to accommodate an unexpected influx of asylum seekers into the United States.

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In Arizona and Texas, officials are loading people up and planning to travel to Washington and New York.

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Republican governor running for re-election, moves immigrants — at public expense — to Massachusetts' Martha's Vineyard

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Adams said the city has opened 23 emergency shelters — and is considering 38 more — to handle people living in the city since May.

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The city also recently opened a multimillion-dollar intake center to help newcomers settle in quickly. And may open more in the future