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Liz Truss will receive an annual allowance of £115,000 for life despite her short tenure as Prime Minister

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The allowance from the government will reimburse the trust for the expenses incurred in carrying out the public duty. According to the government of his country

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Enacted in 1991, Truss became only the sixth prime minister to receive a lifetime allowance. His brief, six-week stint as UK prime minister came to an end on Thursday

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Liz Truss can still claim the £115,000 annual allowance reserved for former prime ministers. According to government law

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All former Prime Ministers are paid an annual allowance intended to reimburse them for expenses incurred while performing official duties in their roles.

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To be eligible for the allowance, you only need to be a former Prime Minister, meaning the Truss has qualified

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Despite being the shortest serving Prime Minister in the country's history. He will get annual allowance for life.

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Truss resigned on Thursday after a tumultuous six weeks in office with an economic crisis caused by a series of policy changes made by his government.