Some world leaders have not been invited to pay their respects to the Queen at her funeral, Whitehall sources say.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been blacklisted, alongside Kremlin representatives, after the brutal invasion of Ukraine.

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Belarus and Myanmar are also not welcome at the ceremony on Monday, it’s believed. Meanwhile, Iran will ‘only be represented at an ambassadorial level’.

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Around 500 dignitaries from around the globe will join at least 1,500 other guests to bid a final farewell to Her Majesty at Westminster Abbey.

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They compared the logistical task to organising ‘hundreds of state visits’ within a matter of days, whereas there might normally only be two or three a year.

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Due to limited space, leaders are only allowed to have their spouses at the service, it’s thought.


They have been asked not to take private jets to the UK, while they won’t be able to use helicopters once they’re here.


Reports suggest foreign heads of state will all have to take an escorted coach together to Westminster Abbey on the day.