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History was made on Wednesday's America's Got Talent season 17 finale, when the top two contestants were both female dance acts.

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And interestingly, both were International Got Talent alumni: Lebanese dance troupe Myas won Arab's Got Talent 2019

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Arabs won Got Talent in 2019, the year pole-dancer/multimedia storyteller Christy Sellers won the Australian version of the show.

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Here in the US, however, it was the Mayas - a modern dance collective made up of 36 Lebanese women of various ages.

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which ultimately won AGT the $1 million prize and a title slot at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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Christie came in second, and the top five were country music acts Chapel Hart and Drake Milligan

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Viewers were thrilled with the result, taking to Twitter with comments like: "After 17 seasons, the curse is finally over.

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A dance team wins #AGT!” (A dance collective has only won the show when India's V.Unbeatable, who previously finished fourth on AGT Season 14