How is the FAU G game?

Verdict. The FAU-G experience for us has been a combined bag. Great at graphics and fluidity, the game is let down via its deficient fight implementation and uninspiring, unchanging gameplay taste. Throughout our revel in, the game steadily felt incomplete, repetitive and easily put, uninteresting.

FAU-G is one of India’s most hyped-up video games, and for good reason. The Made-in-India game is an action name that revolves around real-life events that came about on Indian borders. It features an in-game store the place you’ll buy merchandise and give a contribution to the Indian Army. It’s even were given its own anthem. When FAU-G launched on January 26, India’s 72nd Republic Day, we determined to provide the title a shot and played it for relatively some time. Here’s our overview of FAU-G intimately.

Unlike well-liked belief, FAU-G is as of now, a close-combat game. Most of the action is fist punches and kicks and hand-made weapons that get their own names like ‘Lalkaar’, or ‘Tandav’. This straight away units it excluding PUBG and other motion titles, which have a bigger emphasis on capturing. We will focal point at the single-player marketing campaign mode, which is the only mode that is to be had to play. Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch modes are but to be added to the game.

Is FAUG Battle Royale? Battle Royale Mode, Will Faug be a battle Royale Game
Is FAUG Battle Royale? Battle Royale Mode, Will Faug be a battle Royale Game

FAU-G includes a reasonably easy linear narrative the place you apply a trail from checkpoint to checkpoint and care for enemies who get in the way in which. The gameplay is particular to only three parts for now – motion, strike, and shield. There isn’t any jumping, no guns you’ll throw. This frequently left us with a feeling that the game is getting repetitive because it progresses. Once the hand-held weapons are introduced, there is not anything new to check out out.

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