Faug vs free fire game in 2022

If you love to play online games and want to know which game is the best game in the world then I think you have come up with a good site. We will discuss two games in front of you, the names of the two are Free Fire and Faug. We have Free Fire and Faug in front of you. Let’s talk about the game below, let’s see.

Months after the announcement, nCore Studio officially unveiled the military-themed action game FAUG, a title that was first of all pinned to be a PUBG mobile alternative. In the months following its release of information, FAUG (Fearless And United: Guards) game racked up a lot of buzzes and at the instance of Republic Day, the company ultimately launched it allowing Android customers to obtain and enjoy the game.

However, since the ban on pubg mobile in India, most of the pubg players have moved to Garena Freefire. It is the most popular mobile royal war game created by Garena and it has been a hit since its release year. Where FAUG is a multiplayer fighting game based on the real-life situations endured by Indian soldiers at the front lines. Freefire is a survival online game where up to 50 players compete at the same time. And the last person on the island to win the game. Where FAUG is based on the story of Galway Valley.

Let’s two and see which one is the most satisfactory and a better alternative to PUBG.

Faug vs free fire game in 2022
Faug vs free fire game in 2022

FAUG VS Free Fire Comparison.

FAUG was released a few days ago on January 26, 2021. And since the game has been released, now is the time for FAUG vs. Free Fire and to see which game is better and what the future holds. It was at this time that India celebrated its Republic Day and released the FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) in honor of the soldiers who gave their lives to maintain a strong base in the Galvan Valley.

This article will evaluate the 5 major differences between the two-game.

Table of Contents

  • FAUG VS Free Fire Comparison
    • 1. Modes
    • 2. Characters
    • 3. Layout
    • 4. Multiplayer
    • 5. Weapons
  • FAUG VS Free Fire

1. Modes

Freefire developers have been introducing time-limited modes to the game, so there are a variety of modes to choose from, including the most popular Freefire Clash Squad and Battle Royale. For starters, FAU-G only offers a story campaign game mode titled Galvan Valley Story. Team Death Match and Free for All mode are yet to be launched. The lack of Royal Battle Mode is one of the main differences between FAU-G and Free Fire.

2. Characters

Freelance has many characters. Nulla and Premis players all have special in-game abilities that lend the player a battlefield. On the other hand, in FAU-G, players can select FAU-G (Soldier) from the Loading tab shown in the image above. And can acquire FAU-G or buy FAU-G from Honor Road. From the in-game arsenal segment.

3. Layout

Freefire players are lucky enough to be allowed to create a worthy HUD of their choice. And they have a high degree of control over changing their sensitivity parameters in the settings.

Where FAU-G does not have the option/preferences to configure the control design. Although this feature is expected to be provided with an upcoming update, players may be able to adjust some sensitivity settings.

4. Multiplayer

In Guerrero, Freefire players can pair up with friends in Royal Battle mode and set up a lobby to enjoy squad matches. They can team up and compete in tournaments by collecting dog tags to win various prizes.

As mentioned earlier, FAU-G currently has only 1 game mode called Campaign. Players cannot compete with their friends because the multiplayer mode has not been released yet.

5. Weapons

The best part about Garena Free Fire is that it provides a wide assortment of weapons that are individually classified. In addition to combat weapons such as bats, katana, and machetes, it boasts SMG, AR, sniper rifles, LMG, and others. However, FAUG’s campaigns rely solely on action-intensive action and do not currently allow players to choose weapons such as free fire. It stores only three blow weapons, a club, an ax, and a pipe.

Comparing the two, it is clear that Freefire provides the best gameplay experience, but we can’t rule out a FAUG because it’s the latest on the market and there are many more updates to wait for.

It may surpass the popularity of Freefire or it may fail to make its mark in the mobile gaming industry. Until then, all we can do is wait and enjoy what we think is best.

Faug vs free fire game in 2022
Faug vs free fire game in 2022

Top 3 differences

Below we look at some critical differences between the two games:

The major difference between the games is the difference in genre. While Free Fire is a battle royale shooter, FAU-G is going to be an active shooter. This means that, unlike Free Fire, FAU-G won’t have a multiplayer battleground where players drop to be the last man standing. It will be more like an action shooter which will keep the players busy with adequate shooting action.

The second difference between the two games is that FAU-G follows a certain story mode. The game will feature campaign missions that progress the story. Free Fire on the other hand doesn’t have a story. It is a multiplayer game that allows the player to drop down and brawl on an extensive map.

The last and third difference is that Garena Free Fire is developed by Garena Games. Meanwhile, FAU-G is developed by nCore Games which is an India-based company.

In this article, we will see FAUG vs. Free Fire.

FAUG VS Free Fire

There are three main things to see:

  1. FAUG is still in the development phase.
  2. The age of free fire is about 4-5 years.
  3. FAUG is made in India.
  4. Free fire is made in Singapore, respectively. So far only one mode of FAUG has been published.
  5. Many shoot modes have been introduced in the free fire game.


  • AUG is a story mode game.
  • It is still not available in Battle Royale mode.
  • There are three modes available of which only one has been released.
  • There are only hand weapons available as of now.
  • The graphics are not that great.
  • The controls are still buggy.
  • The graphics are medium quality.

 2) Free-Fire

  • Free fire is a Battle Royale game.
  • It demonstrates a more arcade feel.
  • Controls are very basic.
  • Characters seem almost very childish.
  • Weapons/ Guns feel very fake in Free- Fire.
  • The graphics are not that great.
Faug vs free fire game in 2022
Faug vs free fire game in 2022

Some differences between FAUG and Free Fire.

FAUG Free Fire.
Developed in IndiaCreated In Singapore
One Mode Launched12 Modes available
Only hand-weaponsMedium Profile Guns
Medium Graphic qualityLow-mid Graphic quality
Available in IndiaAvailable in India

Availability: FAU-G vs. Free Fire.

FAU-G is available for download on both Android and ios. Evermore Garena Free Fire is available for free download on Android and iOS.

Conclusion -In short, we see that all games, be it FAUG, or Free Fire, are unique in their own way. Where the free fire is growing rapidly, it raises a question mark as to who will win the FAUG or free fire in the future.

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