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If you know about Faug game download apk then I think you have landed on a good website, anyway, FAU-G is an Indian alternative to the most famous online multiplayer mobile game PUBG mobile. After it banned PubG in India, television actor Akshay Kumar announced a new multiplayer game called Fauji. An action game developed by Bengaluru-based company nCORE Games. It has been launched on Android and iOS devices. It is on 26 January 2021 for Android and March 2021 for iOS. You can play it like any other online game like PubG, so let’s know more about this Faug game.

FAUG Game Overview and Key Specifications:

Name of GameFauji Game
FAU-G Game Full FormFearless and United Guards
Name of CompanynCORE Games
Developed CountryIndia
nCore FounderVishal Gondal and Dayanadhi MG
FAU G Game Launch Date 26 Jan 2021 (Released)
Game Size460 MB
Game TypeShooting Game
Operation SystemAndroid & IOS
Article CategoryBattle Royal FAUG Game Download
First MAPBased on Galwan Valley IncidentIndia & China Border
nCore All Games(Coming Soon)1st – FAUG
2nd- Cricket Game 3rd- Music Game
Download linkCheck Below
FAUG Game Overview and Key Specifications
Faug game download apk [ Android & IOS ] Play Store | App Store, Jio Phone
Faug game download apk [ Android & IOS ] Play Store | App Store, Jio Phone

FAUG TDM early access download apk:

FAUG mobile game is developed by Indian game developers nCORE games where the game is based on Indian army missions. The developer has released early access to TDM mode where players can battle in multiplayer mode on different maps. FAUG Multiplayer Early Access maps are set in Indian locations, such as market maps and more.

How to Download apk for FAUG TDM Early Access:

Interested gamers are not required to download any apk file in this instance, as the FAUG TDM Early Access is available online on the Play Store. 

  • Go to Google Play Store on your mobile.
  • It then takes gamers to the welcome page.
  • Now search FAUG in the Play Store search bar.
  • It then shows various apps relevant to your search.
  • Select FAU-G from the search results: Fearless and United Guards.
  • Click on the Install button under the FAUG app.
  • It then installs and downloads FAUG TDM to your mobile.
  • If you still want to download the app+obb file of the game on your device then click on the download button given above.
faug TDM early access download apk:
faug TDM early access download apk:

Features of the FAUG TDM Early Access Multiplayer Game:

Let’s see the features of the FAUG TDM Early Access game, as given below.

  • FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) is developed by nCore, a Bangalore-based gaming company.
  • Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is acting as the brand ambassador of this multiplayer war game.
  • The player can access different weapons and ammunition in this multiplayer game.
  • The download size of FAU-G TDM Mod from Play Store is around 300MB, so it won’t take much storage space on your phone.
  • In Team Deathmatch, players will finally get to use guns, bombs, and many other weapons.
  • One can enjoy the latest features of the game like 5v5 team deathmatch mode, new map: The Bazaar, guns, and performance optimization.

faug game download apk:

FAUG or FAU-G stands for Fearless and United Guards, a battle royale game developed exclusively for Indian gamers by Indian developer NCORE. Everything from the characters to the theme of the game is related to our country India. The game was released in November 2020, before which there were several official teasers that went viral and looked amazing.

Every Android smartphone user can download this game as it demands very less storage and RAM. The minimum requirement for this game is only 2GB RAM. If you want to play it on an iOS device, you can download it on iOS device.

The game was formally announced by famous Bollywood actor Mr. Akshay Kumar. He shared this good news on his Twitter account and as a result Indian gamers also supported it. He also mentioned that a portion of the in-app purchases will go to Bharat Ke Veer. This means whatever in-app purchases you make in this game, a portion of that money will be given to the Indian Army.

The game is completely based on an Indian theme where you will see Indian army characters using melee and guns. But, initially, the developers revealed only one story mode where the main character fights hand-to-hand with enemies to rescue his companions. Now the developers have released the multiplayer mode as well.

FauG Game Description:

  • The file size of the FauG will be approximately 1.5 GB to 1.8 GB as per the high graphics. 
  • It has been released on both Android devices and iOS devices.
  • A few days before the release of this game, famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar shared a poster on his Twitter account and announced the game.
  • This game is launched on 26 Jan 2021.
  • This game trailer was released on 3rd January.
  • Till now there is no Faug game trailer release. 
  • The game’s poster is similar to the poster of the Collision of Innocence.

Faug release date and time in India:

You all know that the government has banned the popular game PUBG. Indian game company NCore announced the release of FAUG after the game was banned. This game will take care of users’ privacy. The company also announced that 20% of the total revenue earned will be donated to the “Bharat Ke Veer” trust. All game enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the launch of FAUG. 26 Jan 2021 It is released on Google Play Store. The Fou-G game has been released on the Play Store and is currently available on IOS and android devices. FAUG game fans can enjoy the war game by downloading it from Google Play Store.

Faug mobile multiplayer Mod launch date:

FAU-G has finally added a new mode for its players. With this, the mobile game is finally starting to go down the path of multiplayer games, much like its rivals want to adopt one.

FAU-G Team Deathmatch is only available for Android devices. Its developer, nCORE Games, promised to release the beta version on June 21 but missed the deadline. On Sunday they tweeted to announce the release of the beta version of Team Deathmatch mode.

FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode launched:

The FAUG Team Deathmatch mode is launched through a separate mobile app called FAUG Multiplayer Early Access. It is available on Google Play Store. However, nCore Games has announced that early access will be provided to a limited number of people. At the time of writing the report, the FAUG download for Deathmatch mode was not available. The Play Store also displayed a message saying “The early access program is currently full. Space may open up later”. The FAUG download may be available later when nCore expands the beta version’s capabilities.

FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode launched:
FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode launched

Faug game download apk:

FAUG game is an alternative to other multiplayer games. That game is great. and an Indian game, developed by nCORE Games Company. It is released on 26 Jan 2021, it is developed based on an Indian theme, and it focuses on the Indian Army. So anyway, to play this awesome game you need to download this game first. This game is available on Google Play Store, and it is currently available on iOS. And you can download the faug game mod apk, using our website link. So let’s know how to download the faug game from the google play store or ios or our website.

How to download the faug game mod apk through our website:

  • First, you enter our website.
  • After that, you check the website posts carefully.
  • Then, you scroll through the website.
  • After that, you will see a download button.
  • And click on it.
  • The game will download immediately.
  • Then, you install the game.
  • Open the app after installing it.
  • You can play as a guest or create an ID.
  • Then read the instructions to play the game and start playing.

How to download FAU-G on Android:

FAU-G is currently launched for iOS and Android mobile device users. You need to go to Google Play Store to download the action game or the so-called PUBG Mobile Alternative. Here is a step-by-step guide to downloading FAU-G on your Android smartphone.

  • First, connect your Android phone to a stable internet connection.
  • Then unlock the phone and go to Google Play Store.
  • Type FAU-G or nCore Games or FAUG in the search bar.
  • You will find many options out there, many fake versions of FAU-G. In “Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd.” is the developer. The official name of the game is FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards. So, make sure you download the correct game on your mobile device.
  • Click on the next download option. How many seconds it will take depends on your internet.
  • After downloading the game, installing it will also take a few seconds.
  • You can play as a guest or create an ID.
  • Then read the instructions to play the game and start playing.

How to download the FauG game on iOS?

FAU-G game developed by nCORE company was released on 26 Jan 2021, but initially, this game was not available on ios, but now the beta version has been updated and launched on 21 June on ios. Below is the step on step how to download this game on ios.

  • Go to the App Store on your iOS device (most probably iPhone).
  • Now in the search bar search for the Faug Game.
  • Tap on the Faug Game by nCore to download the game.
  • After a successful download, the game will be installed on your iOS device.
  • Now you can easily play and enjoy the FauG Game.
  • Open the app after installing it.
  • You can play as a guest or create an ID.
  • Then read the instructions to play the game and start playing.

Faug trailer: Fearless and United Guards

This trailer created by nCore Games Company was uploaded on YouTube on 3 January 2021. Famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is the brand ambassador of the game. He shared the trailer of this game on Twitter. And after the trailer, the Faug game was released on 26 Jan 2021.

Fau-g’s official website:

The official site of Faug Games is www.ncoregames.com.This company is a mobile games and interactive entertainment company, based in Bangalore, India. This company manufactures various types of games, and Indian games are manufactured according to Indian principles. This company developed the Faug game for the benefit of the country. And announced that 20% of the revenue from this game will be given to the Indian Army. The band ambassador of this company is famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, CEO Dayanidhi MG, and advisor/investor Vishal Gondal.

How to play faug multiplayer:

As mentioned previously, FAUG also has a separate app for multiplayer, besides its single-player format. The single-player app is known as ‘FAUG’, while the multiplayer app is known as ‘FAUG Multiplayer‘. Both apps are available on the Google Play Store and only the single-player format app is available on the Apple App Store.

The multiplayer of FAUG revolves around playing TDM (Team Deathmatch) in two teams of 5v5 and DM (Deathmatch) where each player will play against the other. The gameplay & weapons remain the same. 

Note that the TDM mode is released as a separate game called FAU-G: Multiplayer. Google Play Store download size for Android is 292MB. You have to download it separately. Moreover, this is a beta version of the game and only players who are able to register for it will get early access to FAU-G: Multiplayer.

However, the early access quota for FAU-G: Multiplayer is currently full. The following message will appear if you try to pre-register now. “The early access program is currently full. Space may open up later”.

FAUG’s Team Deathmatch Mode: Multiplayer will feature a 5v5 format. In any typical deathmatch, the primary objective is to defeat the opponent to get the maximum number of kills and reach the kill total limit before the enemy team.

You need to install this FAUG’s Team Deathmatch Mod: Multiplayer mod separately its size is 292MB, and you can play this mod if you have access to FAU-G: Multiplayer.

So far, the game has only one map titled Bazaar. The Indian-themed map is set in a fictional town called Udayghat in Rajasthan. The market map is quite large and you have to spend a significant amount of time in matches to find your opponent. Additionally, there is no option to change the control layout and the layout itself feels a bit buggy. Players who prefer three-finger or claw controls may find it difficult to adjust to FAU-G’s layout.

How to download FAUG TDM Beta?

  • Download and install FAUG from Play Store.
  • Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi as the TDM map size is 300MB.
  • Download TDM Beta from within the game as an additional game mode.
  • Once downloaded, you can start playing TDM in a 5v5 match.

Currently, FAUG TDM has only one map called Bazar, which is set in a fictional town called Udaighat in Rajasthan. The map offers a sub-urban environment, with enough cover and vantage points to take that defining shot and cement your victory.

Faug game download apk 1.0 beta:

The first version of this game is called the 1.0 beta version developed by nCore Games Company for the interest of India. nCore Games Company launched this 1.0 beta version earlier in this game. And the version was launched on 26 Jan 2021. You can also download the Faug game apk 1.0 beta version through our website. By clicking the Download button below.

Safe and secure to play:

The Player Unknown Battleground was banned in India because of privacy reasons. So, this Indian game claims secure and safe user privacy. To create an account you have to enter your basic details. These details are completely safe on the online server.


I hope you got to know or understand about Faug game download apk after this article. So anyway, a request to you that you share this valuable information with everyone, our aim is to send you only the correct information. And if you have any comments about this then let us know, and we will try to help you. Thank you very much for reading our article and don’t forget to bookmark our website for more content.

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