FAUG / Fauji Game Apk Download Link [ Android & IOS ] Play Store | App Store, Jio Phone

Good news for those of you who love to play online games or for those who love games. If you want to know the good news then read this article. And I will tell you about a game which is a very good online game. The name of that game is Fauji. Here is the good news for game lovers Indian nCORE Games Company FAUG (Fearless and United Guard) has released a game promo.

The company has confirmed that the FAU G game will be launched on January 26, 2021, and has released a new teaser on the nCore Twitter account. The nCore is an Indian mobile and interactive entertainment company based in Bangalore. Two days after the ban on PUBG, Akshay Kumar announced a FAUG game on his Twitter account. This PUBG alternative FAUG game download is available on the Google Play Store. You can follow this website (Jia Update) for regular updates and download the latest FAUG game on your Jio phone from below and see how.

FAUG / Fauji Game Apk Download Link [ Android & IOS ] Play Store | App Store, Jio Phone
FAUG / Fauji Game Apk Download Link [ Android & IOS ] Play Store | App Store, Jio Phone

What will be there in FauG games?

The Fauji game obtains apk 1.0 beta model will comprise numerous guns, bombs, swords, and lots of other issues including cars and possibly airplanes if possible. This will have wonderful graphics and this is the commonest reason why for which individuals are looking forward to the FauG Download apk document.

How to download FauG game download APK on android?

The APP is available in Playstore and Appstore and you can download it soon. FauG Game Download Apk can be downloaded by following the steps.

  1. Go to Play Store or App Store (make sure the internet is on)
  2. Search for FauG games in the search box.
  3. Tap the FauG game by ncore (you can also see some ake apps but skip them).
  4. Now click on install button to download Faug game.
  5. The game is installed on your mobile and you can play and enjoy the game.

Full-Form Of FauG Game:

The full form of the FauG game is “Fearless and United Guards”.

How to download the FauG game download apk on iOS?

  1. Go to the app store on your ios device (probably iPhone).
  2. Now search for Foug game in the search bar.
  3. To download the game, tap on Faug Game by nCore.
  4. After a successful download, the game will be installed on your ios device.
  5. Now you can easily play and enjoy FauG games.

FauG Game Description :

  1. With high graphics, FauG’s file size will range from about 1.5 GB to 1.8 GB.
  2. So it can run on both Android device and ios device.
  3. No Fox Game trailer has been released yet.
  4. The game’s poster is similar to the Coalition of Innocence poster.

Owner of FauG game :

The ownership of Fauji or Fauji games is in the hands of Vishal Gondal, but the games come under the advice of actor Akshay Kumar. Home companies are improving in all areas and this will help us build an “Atma Nirbhar Bharat”.About 20% of the total revenue mentioned above will go to “Bharat Ke Bir Trust” which is very good for India.

FAUG / Fauji Game Apk Download Link [ Android & IOS ] Play Store | App Store, Jio Phone
FAUG / Fauji Game Apk Download Link [ Android & IOS ] Play Store | App Store, Jio Phone

Quick Information about FauG Game Download apk and FauG game owner :

  1. Name of the Game- FauG (Fearless and United Guards)
  2. Developer- Mr. Vishal Gondal
  3. Developer Company Name- nCore Game.
  4. The platform of the Game- Android/iOS.
  5. Game Type- Online Multiplayer Game.

Is FauG a Battle Royal Game?

The developer of the game has not yet said anything clear about it. Mr. Gondal says that the FauG game will be a story mode and online multiplayer game. However, it is not clear if the game will be a Battle Royale game like Pubg.

Is there any map revealed for the FauG game?

No official map has been launched yet. Although there are many different and fake FauG maps. The first season’s FauG map will be based on the Galvan Valley where players will be soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces.

FAUG features launching in the future :

1. Battle Royale

In an earlier interview with IGN India, Gondal spoke about some FAUG options that have been teased in the trailer however not deliberate for launch day. The game starts with a tale mode that permits single-player and co-operative gameplay handiest. Gondal has put to leisure the FAUG vs PUBG comparisons as he has clarified that the sport isn’t a PUBG clone. However, FAUG will feature a combat royale mode at some point.

“The story mode will be the first one. And then we are hoping that over the period of six to eight months intermediately we will be launching more features and updates,” Gondal said to IGN India.

2. Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer mode is one of the extra exciting upcoming options of FAUG. While the corporate has confirmed that multiplayer combats are coming to the game, it is not clear whether they will be rolled for the Galway Valley campaigns or restricted to only the struggle royale mode.

3. Battle Pass

Additionally, a fight move can also be available eventually however now not at release. A battle go is a kind of monetization way that gives customers unique rewards like persona skins and so on as they achieve sure tiers.

4. Guns

FAUG has no guns due to the Indo-China agreement not to keep guns in Galvan Valley. However, nCore Games plans to add a gun to the game at some point. Obviously, these guns will not be found in the Galvan Valley, and in this way, will be part of some other map.

FAUG game also includes in-app purchases ranging from Rs 19 to Rs 2,999, with 20 percent of the proceeds going to the Bharat Ke Veer fund with battle royale and multiplayer modes expected to roll out in the future, it will be interesting to see how the game performance in the coming months.

How to download FauG Game on a laptop?

We hope that developer FauG will provide a desktop version of the game, and if they do, you can download the Faug download apk on a laptop by following the steps below.

  1. Visit the official website of FauG Wheat.
  2. Click the download button.
  3. Now, Faug Game apk will be downloaded automatically.
  4. If not, click the download button again.
  5. Once the game is downloaded, go to download and install the game on your laptop.
  6. FauG game linkwww.ncoregames.com

Basic Requirement for FauG Game Download Apk :

  1. CPU- Core i3 2.GHz
  2. RAM- 4 GB (Minimum)
  3. OS- Window 7,8,10 with 64 Bits
  4. HDD Space- 4 GB
  5. GPU- DirectX11 HD Graphics.
FAUG / Fauji Game Apk Download Link [ Android & IOS ] Play Store | App Store, Jio Phone
FAUG / Fauji Game Apk Download Link [ Android & IOS ] Play Store | App Store, Jio Phone

Key Specifications of FAUG Game 2021-22 Overview :

Name of GameFauji Game
FAU-G Game Full FormFearless and United Guards
Name of CompanynCORE Games
Developed CountryIndia
nCore FounderVishal Gondal and Dayanadhi MG
FAU G Game Launch Date 26 Jan 2021 (Released)
Game Size460 MB
Game TypeShooting Game
Operation SystemAndroid & IOS
Article CategoryBattle Royal FAUG Game Download
First MAPBased on Galway Valley IncidentIndia & China Border
nCore All Games(Coming Soon)1st – FAUG2nd- Cricket Game3rd- Music Game
Download linkwww.ncoregames.com
Key Specifications of FAUG Game 2021-22 Overview

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